During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government and many state governments went to great lengths to relax many of the restrictions on telehealth that had historically limited this medium in the provision of healthcare services to patients. However, in an effort to ensure that patients could continue to access necessary healthcare during this time period

Considerable literature has emerged concerning the impact of the extended COVID-19 pandemic on the ability to handle stress and sustain mental health. Healthcare professionals are among the most vulnerable segments of the population to these consequences of the pandemic. There are numerous studies and reports of stress, sleep disturbances, and increased mood and anxiety symptoms

The occurrence, prevention, and consequences of burnout among healthcare professionals have been matters of concern and study since the 1960s. The concept of burnout encompasses emotional and psychological job-related stress in any health practice environment with resulting negative impacts on job satisfaction, job performance, and patient outcomes. Both physicians and nurses experience burnout which may