Over the past few years, changes in healthcare have driven fundamental changes in the relationship between providers and Managed Care Organizations. Medicare and Medicaid are front and center in these changes. Successful systems need new ways to look at managed care contract negotiations.

On May 18, 2023, Greenbaum attorney Neil M. Sullivan will be a panelist for a live CLE webinar on “Managed Care Contracts: Medicare and Medicaid Considerations.” The program, presented by Strafford, will examine essential questions including:

  • How have the changes in healthcare and the shift to Medicare and Medicaid impacted the negotiation of managed care agreements?
  • What are some proven approaches for providers’ counsel in negotiating favorable provisions in managed care contracts?
  • What are the most commonly disputed issues during contract negotiations and practical approaches for resolving them?

Additional information and a link to register for this webinar is on the Greenbaum website.